Image of Jeff Behringer on his first large traditional stone masonry project in 1973

Behringer Stone Company has operated in the triangle for nearly 40 years. Jeff Behringer founded this stone masonry business in Raleigh in the early 1970s. Since then, Behringer Stone has provided exceptional quality traditional and contemporary stonework for the triangle and surrounding areas. Jeff Behringer's commitment to reliable customer service has made the company a top choice among local builders and homeowners, and his company's success has supported a family of six children. Jeff volunteers regularly at his municipal election polling site, and his wife Kathy Behringer is serving her second elected term on Garner's town council. In recent years, Jeff has become heavily involved in relief and mission work in Haiti, both before and after the 2009 earthquake. He has made numeous trips to help with building projects and to provide financial support for Haitian communities.

Image of Jeff Behringer and his family of six grown children, a family supported mainly by Jeff Behringer and his stone masonry company

With training in traditional thick-wall stone building, owner-operator Jeff Behringer has the skill and experience to restore and match any existing stone structure. He is also experienced in laying walkways, patios and pavers, building fireplaces, fountains, retaining walls and dry stack walls, planters, columns and pillars, and in building fascades out of thin, stucco-type rock or artificial stone. Examples of each type of stonework can be found on the galleries page. Among Behringer Stone's commercial projects are many Raleigh landmarks: Moore Square planters, the management centers at Falls Lake Dam and Jordan Lake recreation area, shelters at Umstead Park, local churches, and historic buildings and homes in downtown Raleigh. Residential homes and subdivision entrance signs built by Behringer Stone are too numerous to mention.

Image of Jeff Behringer in Haiti, where he uses his stone masonry expertise to build and restore buildings for Haitian communities

The goal of Behringer Stone Company is to continue meeting the demand for traditional stonework in the triangle and to collaborate on new and innovative projects in stone. Jeff Behringer also continues to provide worker training for a variety of marginalized and at-risk laborers. Behringer Stone may soon develop D-I-Y seminars for those who would like to learn the art and learn teamwork while they add the beauty of stone to their homes and buildings in their communities.


Image of Jeff Behringer with Haitian children, whom he supports with profits from Behringer Stone Company and with his expertise in building and repairing masonry Image of Jeff Behringer on the job, constructing a building with cinderblocks, which he often uses in stone masonry projects Image of Jeff Behringer with a Haitian adult, a member of a Haitian community helped by Jeff's expertise in stone masonry and by profits from Behringer Stone Masonry company

Behringer Stone and Haiti: Masonry for Mission

Since 2003, Jeff Behringer has made numerous trips to Haiti, where he uses his experitise in masonry to repair and construct new buildings for Haitian orphans and others in need. A substantial portion of the profits of Behringer Stone Company are used to make these trips and to provide financial support directly. 

In addition to providing shelter and material support, Jeff spends time with Haitian children and maintains correspondence after returning to the U.S. His face is very familiar among the communities he serves. Children enjoy playing games with him and performing skits and songs after the day's work is done. 

Along with teams of volunteers from Men for Mission International, Jeff consistently strives to alleviate the harsh conditions Haitians face throughout their lives.